As we near the end of 2016, it is only natural to reflect on the year as a whole, what we have done, what we have achieved and our plans and outlook for 2017.

On the whole, I think we have done amazing. People of different ages,from different backgrounds coming together despite not knowing each other, some who have never worked in the third sector, others who have their own organisations and commitments, uniting towards the common goal of making Revoe a better area to live, work and play, it’s nothing short of inspiring.As Big Local is resident lead, we are always on the look out for new partnership members and volunteers, so please, if you are interested in improving the community, come and speak to us.

This year, we recruited our project manager Andy Walker. Andy has a host of experience of working in Revoe and community work and has been the catalyst to making our plan, based on community consultation, come to life. With the help of the partnership and other organisations, here is what we have achieved:

You Said:

  • More activities and play areas for young people
  • There are issues relating to drug use and alcohol in the area
  • More flowers and plants in the area
  • More art and community interaction
  • Feeling safer in Revoe
  • Something for loneliness, isolation and depression
  • Increase cooking skills and awareness of lifestyle choices

We Did:

More activities and play areas for young people

Working in partnership with EPS ,who have a youth team in Revoe engaging with teenagers to find out what they want and need in the area and we have a craft club on a Wednesday evening ran by Lorraine, one of our partnership members. We have also just put out a tender for research relating to children’s provision for those with additional needs and disabilities.

There are issues relating to drug use and alcohol in the area

We currently have a Famanon (families anonymous) service running from the hub that anyone,who is affected by alcohol and drug misuse,can access. Fulfilling lives have also partnered with Revoelution to deliver some services from the hub in the near future.

More flowers and plants in the area

We have just distributed ten winter hanging baskets to local residents and businesses and are on target to deliver ten more next week with thanks to our partners Urban Organics.

More art and community interaction

As a part of our community chest, community groups such as New Revoe Residents Association and Last Legs community art have accessed funding towards a community fun day and art workshops. Also between the 5th and the 9th December the Autumn Assembly will be targeting streets with free hot chocolate and mince pies to gauge residents thoughts on what has been happening and what Revoelution has in store for 2017.

Feeling safer in Revoe

We have delivered two way walkie talkies to some businesses in the area as a trial and are also in talks with the council to install more CCTV in the area.

Something for loneliness, isolation and depression

To try and help combat some of the loneliness and isolation issues we now have a tea and chat drop in on a Friday afternoon and a Life Coach, Toni Roethling, who runs one to one sessions. They are accessible to anyone in the Revoe area for free.

Increase cooking skills and awareness of lifestyle choices

Partnered with Revoe Learning Academy’s Bobbie Gritt , Linzi Cason and Revoelution delivered a Halloween themed healthy eating and fitness session. Students came together to enjoy a hotpot lunch and make some healthy spooky treats including ghost bananas and pumpkin satsumas. They later enjoyed some Halloween themed games.

In addition to these services we also have a Hep C drop in that is ran by Freddie Jaques from Horizon on a Wednesday afternoon.

But we are not stopping there! Before the year is out we still have a host of meetings geared around our five themed groups, help for business, improving the environment, health and well being, crime and anti social behavior and young people.

We have also just successfully extended our boundary too.

I think sometimes, when you are in the midst of all the activity, you fail to sit back and take stock of what you have actually achieved and just looking at the list above and taking into account all the training and events our workers and volunteers attend, I think we have made a pretty good start. So here’s to a fabulous ending to 2016 and delivering the rest of our projects this year and next,  more ideas from the Revoe community to start working on our next plan and more successful, exhilarating partnerships.



To access any of the services listed above, please contact myself  or any of the services directly

Big Local Revoelution –


Famanon or Life Coaching – Toni Roethling,


Telephone: 07900254406


Horizon – Hep C drop in

Telephone: 01253 311431

Freddie Jacques 07860 269659



Fulfilling Lives

Telephone: 01253 208821




Nearing the end of 2016 but we are just beginning
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